Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries): Archiving unfinished stories of spatial violence

Hanging by a thread, Dana Hassan, 2020. Hanging by a Thread tells the story of a cut and torn city that is constantly struggling to regain life and stability amid political and social unrest.
Poster designed by Luna Akil and Nanor Der boghossian. Figure 1: In order-Carina and her son (a survivor from the port explosion), Hiba (a survivor from Tarik el-Jdideh explosion), Mahmud (injured during the Revolution protests), Mona (lost her job in Beirut because of the economic crisis and moved to her village of origin), Sami (unable to access bank savings), Ahmad (facing housing insecurity and displacement), Lamia (affected by the Ain Qana explosion, Leen (a survivor from the Shouf forests fire), Ziad (unable to access medication), and Joyce (an activist)
Figure 2: “Five or six of the security forces started beating me severely. They pushed me on the floor, held me down and hit my face until my jaw broke.” (Mahmud,2021)
Figure 3: “The 2nd explosion blew us, and we did not feel what happened, we all flew across the room. […] Once in the street we saw an unprecedented amount of destruction. Everything was demolished, broken, buildings, streets, people injured, holding their children, and aimlessly running. That’s where we understood that it’s not just our building, it’s the whole world around us. (Carina, 2021)
Figure 4:Carina’s family before, during, and after the explosion (Mekkaoui,2020)
Figure 5: Carina’s family trajectories of survival during the explosion (Mekkaoui,2020).
Figure 6: Fires, destruction, and suffocation yet Leen’s father won’t leave the house ( Leen, 2019).
Figure 7: Explosions and/in/of bedrooms — the Tarik al-Jdideh Explosion ( Hiba, 2020)
Figure 8:After the stories of trauma, violence and hardships, can we still find spaces for hope and healing? Despite the disaster, Leen remained appreciative and open to life. She described the beauty she found in photos she managed to take after the fire. She used some of them in her art class ( Leen, 2019).



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